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A portable support solution for your head and neck to make sleep while traveling more comfortable.

How to use

The benefit is that it keeps your head and neck in place. It has a tail that acts as an anchor. You lift your head, you drop the anchor on your back and as you sit back and relax, your own body keeps head and neck in place.

Why did we start this project? 

We are a father & son team and air travel is a common part of our lives. A lack of quality sleep during our trips was a reoccurring problem. Our goal was to create a product that allowed us to comfortably sleep while sitting on an airplane seat for extended periods of time. 

Like most travelers, we used U-Shaped neck pillows and were mostly disappointed by their inability to provide adequate head and neck support. Frustration always ensued when they fell short. The need for a solution led to regular in-flight experimentation with multiple neck pillows, polyester airline blankets and every pillow we could get our hands on but nothing worked like we had hoped. 

We found ourselves sitting at the bar one night swapping travel horror stories. We always enjoyed tackling problems associated with home projects, so this was quite enjoyable and oddly normal for us. We found some commonality among our stories and it always lead back to our inability to sleep while traveling on airplanes. The beers kept flowing and so did our creative juices and by the end of the night we had scribbled drawings down on a coaster and we believed that we had the beginnings of a solution. I guess you could call it a beer-piphany. 

Over the following weeks, we experimented with duck tape mock ups and fabric scraps. It became a hobby and a great project to casually tackle together. We had fun tinkering and exploring everything from chin supports to literally strapping our heads to the headrest. Every little test served a purpose and some even proved comical. Within time and over 25 prototypes later, a useful and practical solution was born.

This was quick sketch for our video. It shows all the components including how the neck pillow attaches.

Adjustable neck pillow is adjustable up/down and attaches via velcro. The neck pillow really makes this comfortable. It's like lumbar support for your neck.

Hear no evil with extra large ear cutouts to accommodate headphones of all sizes. This feature was a result of user feedback.

This shot demonstrates use with large headphones. Headphones not included :)

Hard to tell with this picture but there's soft fleece material on the inside and an easy to clean material on the outside. We had to have this custom laminated to make it comfortable, durable and breathable.

Weighs in at just 3.4 ounces and you can squeeze it into your smallest carry-on. We wanted to make it light and compact and we achieved both.

More Product Pics...

This shows the adjustable velcro head strap. One size fits all. You won't even see it once in use, especially if using headphones.

What is the purpose of this product?

The SeatSnoozer prevents head bobbing from taking place, while trying to sleep in a seated position. It also provides adjustable, vertical and lateral head and neck support. This makes the SeatSnoozer ideal for sleeping during prolonged air travel. 

Throughout the design process, we focused on: minimizing weight (3.4 oz), comfort, keeping it highly packable, functional and ready for use right out of your bag with no inflating or complicated setup. In the end it became different from standard travel pillows, in every way. 

The SeatSnoozer looks unique and it is! Let’s face it; U-Shaped neck pillows didn’t look too normal when they first hit the market.

What is it and how does it work?

While it took quite a bit of work to identify proper angles and functionality, the finished product is actually quite simple. 

The benefit is that it keeps your head and neck in place. It has a tail that acts as an anchor. You lift your head, you drop the anchor on your back and as you sit back and relax, your own body keeps head and neck in place.The "anchor" system makes it infinitely adjustable. After you fit it the first time, you can leave it setup for future use.

If that sounds confusing, I recommend watching our video above which demonstrates this more effectively than I explain via text :) 

Making the SeatSnoozer this simple took a lot of work and our design proved patentable. It was a bonding experience that churned out a really useful solution. We were quite proud and happy we created a product that allowed us to comfortably sleep while sitting upright on planes.

So, where are we at?  

As part of the project, we developed over 25 prototypes, applied stringent functionality tests and design variations. We applied experience gathered with our SeatSnoozer V1 product, which was produced as a short run beta product and proof of concept. We attended the Boston Globe Travel show in Boston and had the opportunity to talk with a number of attendees. The feedback gathered from frequent travelers helped us to steer our current design and functionality into the right direction. We have lined up our US-based manufacturer and have identified readily available materials for manufacture. All we need is successful funding from our Indiegogo campaign to help put this plan into action.  

Additional Updates:  

Patent applied for and granted. Check.  
Trademark and Domain acquired. Check 
Manufacturable prototype. Check 
US Based manufacturer partnership setup and ready to produce. Check Product engineering packets sent out to manufacturer. Check. 
Logo and advertising material designed. Check. 
Indiegogo campaign initiated. Check.

Production Timeline: 

- Indiegogo Campaign ends 
- Orders sent to manufacturer
- Materials sourced 
- Production run initiated 
- Product delivered via 1st class mail 

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- Bernie & Dirk